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Lightning Creek Storage

Self Storage Info:
We started the self storage business in 1991 about the time when the storage boom was just coming alive.

Over the years we've expanded to a total of 135 units. Most recently, in 2015 we added 16 more in three sizes ~ 10x12, 6x12 and 12x32 
We offer competitive rates and an assortment of sizes. Our units are located on the highway frontage for easy 24 hour access. 16 Security cameras record everyone on the property for added protection. We have wide driveways to accomodate the largest moving trucks.

For help in choosing the right size storage for your particular needs, click here

5X10 ------------ $39.00 
8X10 ------------ $45.00-47.00 
10X10 ----------- $62.00 
8X16 ------------ $68.00 
10X20 ----------- $87.00 
10X30 ----------- $138.00 
New Unit ~ 10' Ceiling 
6X12 ----------- $54.00 
10X12 ----------- $67.00 
12X32 ----------- $175.00 - 9 foot door 
List may not reflect the most current pricing and therefore we can't guarantee these prices at all times. Call for current prices.
Additional DISCOUNTS may apply
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