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Lightning Creek Boat Storage

Lightning Creek Boat Storage Info:
Lightning Creek now has four buildings totaling 44,000 square feet for storing your boats, jet ski, 5th wheel, camper, car, pickup or for that matter almost anything on wheels that you don't have the room for at your house. If it will fit under our 17 foot door - we will probably store it for you. 
Lightning Creek does not winterize; We will however, if you are storing a motor home or other drivable vehicle, disconnect the battery for the winter once it is placed into its final location. 
We will be glad to reserve a space for you if your boat/RV will not be brought in before October 15th. But since space is limited we recommend calling early to get on the list.

Pricing & Info
Current Rates: Boats, motorhomes, RV's are billed based on "registered" length, all others are based on overall length. 
$4.46 Per foot/Per month 
~Boat under 8 1/2 feet wide 
~Pull campers includes 5th wheel 
~Cars, pickups, utility trailers, ATV's 
 ~Boats over 8 1/2 feet and under 10 feet wide 
$5.57 Per foot/Per month 

~Boats over 10 feet wide 
$6.21 Per foot/Per month 

All Motorhomes 
$5.41 Per foot/Per month
$42.00 ~ Single Jet ski 
$62.00 ~ Double Jet Ski 
**5 Months minimum storage is required.  

 LATE WINTER RATES are 35% higher and apply to all vehicles/vessels beginning December 1st. pending space availability.

Summer Storage: 
Outdoor Storage --- $30.00 Per month 
Indoor Storage --- $50.00 Per month
Empty boat trailer only

Additional DISCOUNTS may apply
Call for details